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Camping & Mobile Home Holidays to France & Spain

Please note: Do not book any flights, ferries or make any other travel arrangements until you have received full verbal confirmation of your booking from one of our reservation team via telephone.

Telephone Bookings

Please note booking directly online is cheaper than booking by the telephone. Quoted online prices will not be those given for telephone bookings, telephone bookings incur a £25 booking charge. To contact us please email us at and we will be more than happy to help you.

Provisional Bookings

If you wish to hold a holiday whilst travel arrangements are secured we can hold a holiday for 24 hours. A provisional booking can only be made by calling us.

Confirmed Bookings

Our booking system will automatically send you an email to acknowledge your booking.

Holiday Deposits

To secure your holiday booking we require a deposit of £100 per accommodation.

Debit/Maestro/Solo carry a 1% charge on the payment being made.

Credit cards carry a 3% charge on the payment being made.

Any additional items added to the booking after the initial booking carry a £10 administration fee. No charges are made if extras are booked at the time of booking.

Transfers may be shared with other holidaymakers.

Your Holiday Contract - Terms and Conditions

The contract is between Lifestyle Holidays Ltd. 16 Kennedy Street. Manchester. M2 4BY. United Kingdom and the client being any person booking the accommodation operated by the company. The contract including all matters arising from it, is subject to UK law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the UK courts. No variation of these terms will be valid uless confirmed in writing by us. A contract will exist as soon as we issue our confirmation invoice and receive a pay- ment. By making a booking, the lead passenger confirms that all people's names in the booking (and their personal representatives) have agreed to be bound by these conditions and the terms of its suppliers.

1. Booking Terms & Conditions
All the information on our website has been given in good faith, however, since we include so much detail and as the website is continually updated there may be occasions when advertised facilities may be altered or withdrawn for reasons outside our control during your own particular holiday. For example, planned entertainment may be charged or cancelled, or during the low season the swimming pool may be closed. Further, the operation of certain amenities & facilities may be subject to local licensing laws or religious holidays, Maintenance and local energy conservation measures may mean the campsite limits certain facilities. Eg.water supplies, weather conditions can cause electricity failures. In such circumstances as described Lifestyle Holidays Ltd. shall be under no liability for any loss or damage arising there from. The operation and supervision of the campsite, transport and other services is subject to local laws, regulations, standards and codes of practise of France & Spain. The legal and safety requirements of Spain and France are lowerthan that of the UK or Eire. You should note that the standards imposed are that of France & Spain
and not UK or Eire. We must draw your attention to the fact that some parts of the campsite or resort may be in the process of development and building work but Lifestyle Holidays Ltd. cannot accept any liability for any inconvenience, discomfort or annoyance which you may suffer from and building work being carried out, such work being beyond
our control. We would also draw your attention to the fact that that certain facilities you may find that the management of the property utilised make a charge, for example, for the use of tennis courts, mini golf, equipment hire, sunbeds, etc. A charge is normally levied for baby sitting, children’s clubs etc. where applicable.

2. Requests
Whilst we make every effort to adhere to requests no guarantee can be given. We may not be able to notify you before departure if we are unable to meet any special requests. NB. Locations of Pitches can be Guaranteed at
£ 6.00 or Euros 7.00 per/request per night. Subject to Availability.

3. Campsite Rules
All customers will be expected to strictly adhere to campsite rules and regulations as lay down by the site management. A list of rules and regulations are available on site for customers. We do not set out these rules but we do contract emplacements on the basis that our customers will adhere to them. We cannot be held responsible in any way should customers expelled from the campsite for failing to adhere to these rules. If the campsite management fail to enforce their campsite regulations we cannot be held responsible for their failure to do so. Please note that the campsite will enforce that proper swimming attire are worn in their pools and not shorts/Bermudas or T-shirts. Use of Pools outside of opening times is strictly prohibited and customers should expect to be expelled from the campsite in such circumstances. Disregarding the Quiet rules in an evening are deemed offensive to other holiday makers and will
result in expulsion from the campsite The campsite reserve the right to charge for any second vehicles or trailers which may have to be parked in the campsite car park. Motor homes are not permitted to be parked outside accommodation but parked in the campsite car park.

4. Travel Documents & Travel Insurance
All persons in your booking must posses a valid passport including all children. Standard application time for a ten-year passport is one month however in the summer months the passport office experience heavy demand and delays may
be possible. Please be certain to apply in time. We advise where possible that customers use the safety deposit boxes
on the campsite for items such as passports. We do not advise that items of high value be taken on a camping holiday; however, if valuables are taken please ensure they are correctly insured. You should also ensure that you are aware of any specific requirement relating to health and the country you are visiting. You should also check with your own Doctor before your departure as to whether any inoculations are considered available and necessary for your holiday. You should ensure each person in your booking has a European Health Card this card is an agreement within the European Union enabling you to claim back a percentage of medical fees.
It is an express condition of accepting your booking that you ensure you have adequate Travel Insurance in place for your holiday. Lifestyle Holidays Ltd. accept no responsibility if you choose to travel without insurance and you
are faced with local charges accordingly.

5. If You Have a Complaint
In the unlikely event of there being something not to your liking whilst you are on holiday that is in our
direct control you must report it immediately. This will give our Lifestyle Holidays representative an opportunity to correct the matter so that it does not spoil your holiday. Your holiday enjoyment is our prime consideration.
If the matter cannot be put right on the spot, detail of your complaint should be recorded on a Comment
form available on request in resort. This should be signed by our representative once completed; you should keep a copy of the form, which together with an accompanying letter must be forwarded to our UK office address within 28 days of the completion of the holiday by recorded delivery. Emails are not acceptable. We will not accept liability in respect of claims outside this period. We will not consider ourselves to be liable on complaints not registered in resort and acknowledged in our procedures set out above. Please note that in any event any compensation payable for claims against Lifestyle Holidays Ltd. other than compensation for personal injuries will not exceed two times the cost of the holiday. Disputes arising out of or in connection with this contract, which cannot be amicably settled, may if you so wish be referred to arbitration under a special scheme, which though devised by arrangement with the Association
of British Travel Agents is administered quite independently by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.
The scheme  does not apply for claims over £1500 per person or £7500 per booking form or those, which are solely, or mainly in respect of physical injury or illness or the consequences of such injury or illness.
The rules of the scheme provide that the applicant of arbitration must be made within nine months of the date of return of the holiday but in special circumstances it may still be offered outside this time period. If your holiday is arranged through an agent and not directly with us then all monies paid to the agent in anticipation of a contract with Lifestyle Holidays Ltd. are held by him as your agent until the booking is accepted and there after as our agent. Under no circumstances will any agent of ours have authority to expressly or implied alter the terms of the
contract unless that agent has written authority to do so.

6. Personal Travel Insurance
Personal Travel insurance as well as your EHIC Card is essential for a worry free holiday.
It is part of the terms & conditions of booking that all customers are insured for overseas travel.
Please ensure you take out adequate Travel Insurance [inc. Cancellation Cover] as soon as you Book your Holiday.

7. Pets
We do NOT accept Animals sorry [No Dogs, Cats or Any Pets].
Some of the Campsites we operate on do allow pets Lifestyle Holidays Ltd. cannot be held Responsible for any disturbance caused from these Pets.

8. Groups of Singles
As All our Campsites are Family Campsites GROUPS of persons under 25 years are NOT permitted sorry.

9. Accommodation Deposits
When you are shown into your accommodation with your Representative we ask you to inspect the accommodation. If you are unhappy with any aspects of the accommodation cleanliness or maintenance we ask you to bring it to the attention of our representative. We will immediately try to rectify the situation. We will then ask you to sign an acceptance form and pay a € 80.00 euro deposit in cash. Reciprocally, we would politely ask that the accommodation be returned to us at the end of your holiday in the same condition. Your deposit will be returned to you at the end of the holiday upon inspection of the accommodation. Cleaning products will be made available for your  use. We do realise that you may not wish to do any cleaning prior to departure. We can arrange a contract clean for you for 40 euros. The remainder 40 euros from your deposit will be returned... this service is subject to staff availability and workloads and should be requested at your time of arrival.

10. Our Responsibility
You will appreciate that there are many people and companies over whom Lifestyle Holidays Ltd. have no control who are involved in the planning and provision of your holiday. Lifestyle Holidays ltd. has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the suppliers of services provided are of an acceptable standard. As part of our policy of customer care Lifestyle Holidays ltd. will accept responsibility for the standard of service provided to you.
We will accept responsibility for the proven negligent acts and/or omission of our employees and agents and our suppliers and sub-contractors, servants and/or agents whilst acting in the scope of the course of their employment in respect of claims arising as a result of death, bodily injury or illness to you or any member of your party.
You should note: liability will only be accepted if you can prove that death, injury or illness was caused by negligence of Lifestyle Holidays Ltd. its servants, agents, suppliers, or contractors. No liability can be accepted for the negligent acts of sea carriers or airlines or for any other aspect of the holiday where liability is governed by international convention and where liability may not be limited or excluded. Lifestyle Holidays Ltd. relies on the terms and limitations contained in the Athens Convention or such other international conventions as may be appropriate.
We cannot accept responsibly or liability or loss, damage, or expense resulting from war or terrorist activates threatened or actual, civil unrest, closure of ferry terminals, closure of airports, industrial action, threatened action, threatened or actual or any event outside our control where such events delay, extend or compel a change in holiday arrangement. We will not be liable for any damages for either death, injury or illness or for any breach of contract
if the same is due to unusual or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all due care has been exercised or due to an event which even
with all due care would not be foreseen or forestall.

11. If We Change Your Booking
As you will appreciate holiday arrangements are planned many months in advance and on rare occasions it may benecessary to make a modification to them and we reserve the right to make such changes at any time.
In the majority of cases, such changes will be minor but if they are of a more substantial nature we will do our best to advise you prior to your departure. If we are forced to make major changes notified before departure to your holiday we will pay you compensation in accordance with the table below. Such major changes being: Change of Accommodation and/or Campsite

If you choose to accept the changed arrangement or purchase another holiday from us we will pay you compensation on the scales shown below. If you choose not to accept the change to arrangements we will refund you all the monies paid to us. However, in no case will we pay compensation if the change is due to an event
listed in paragraph 12.
Period of notification Given to you Compensation per booking % of basic holiday cost
(excludes supplements and insurance premiums)
More than 56 days Nil | 43-56 Days 10% | 29-42 Days 15% | 15-28 Days 20% | 0-14 Days 25%

12. Force Majeure
Important. Compensation arrangements do not apply to, and we reserve the right to cancel your holiday in the event of changes caused by reasons of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activities, industrial disputes, natural/nuclear disasters, fire, technical problems to transport, port closures, adverse weather conditions and similar events beyond our control.

13. Holiday Prices
Our holiday prices are current on our website. Printed prices are for guidance only.
Our prices are current at the time  of booking only. Prices may be increased or reduced without notification. Prices are based on known costs in Euros therefore the Sterling price can fluctuate on a daily basis.
Once a provisional  booking is made these £ sterling prices are held.

14. Payment of Deposit
We require a deposit of £100.00 for each week booked (£150.00 for 10,11 and 12 night holidays).
We will email to youan Invoice and copy of the terms and Conditions for you to check and confirm the details of the booking are correct. Your contract is with Lifestyle Holidays Ltd If the deposit is not received within the following seven days we reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled by you and to apply cancellation charges as detailed in paragraph 15. There is no contract between us until payment of deposit is received and it acts as our acceptance of the booking in accordance with the contract outlined in these booking conditions, which is subject to UK Law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the UK courts. When your Payment is received you have agreed to the Booking Terms & Conditions.

15. Payment of the Balance
Your balance due date is indicated at the bottom of your booking form and on your confirmation invoice.
The balance is due ten weeks before departure. If you do not make payment you could be liable for cancellation charges of up to 100% of the final invoice because we reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled by you at anytime up to the date of departure. Therefore it is very important for you to pay the balance ten weeks before
departure or write cancelling your holiday in accordance with paragraph 17. A 2% charge will be levied on the final balance of all bookings when a credit card or electron is used to pay any element of the holiday package.
If a credit card is used to pay the initial deposit for the holiday we reserve the right to charge the balance of your holiday to the credit card on the balance due date, ten weeks before your holiday.
Notification may not be given prior to us taking this payment.

16. If You Change Your Booking
If after your booking has been accepted you wish to transfer to a different holiday, change departure, or alter any detail of the booking we shall do our utmost to satisfy your requirements. Any changes to your booking or addition of other services ie. Bed Linen and Extra People within 28 days of departure will incur a £25 administration fee.
Any change to details on the booking within 6 weeks of departure will incur a cancellation charge as set out in paragraph 17 below unless the new holiday departs on or before the original departure date in which  case the normal amendment fee of £25 will be charged. If you have authorised the automatic debiting of your credit/debit card, the appropriate amount (which we will have previously confirmed to you) will be debited accordingly.

17. If You Cancel Your Holiday
Should you or any member of you party be forced to cancel your booking once it has been accepted a valid cancellation can only be made if you give written instruction to us sent by recorded delivery.
The person who confirmed the booking form must sign the instructions. The effective date for the cancellation will be the date we receive your written instructions in our office. For this reason telephone, fax or email cancellations cannot be accepted. If you cancel, a cancellation charge (being agreed damages to cover your estimated loss) calculated on the scale set out below becomes payable by you as signatory of the booking form. If you have authorised the automatic debiting of your credit /debit card, the appropriate amount (which we will have previously confirmed to you) will be debited accordingly.
Please note you may be able to make a claim under your holiday insurance.

Cancellation Charges:

Deposits are Non Refundable.
More than 70 days before the first day of the holiday: £100 per week booked [or euros 150.00] P/Mobile Home

Between 57-70 days before the first day of the holiday: Deposit and 50 % of the Outstanding Balance P/Mobile Home

Between 1-56 days before the first day of the holiday: Deposit and100 % of the Outstanding Balance. P/Mobile Home

18. Left Items/Luggage
Lifestyle Holidays Ltd. accept no responsibility for left luggage/items. No items can be posted back to your home address or carried across borders.

19. Sufficient Numbers
All holidays advertised on our website are subject to availability & operate subject to there being a minimum number required to operate that holiday. We impose a deadline of 8 weeks prior to the date of departure for deciding if sufficient numbers have booked to travel. In the event that the premium number has not been reached, we reserve the right to cancel your holiday and refund all monies paid.

Important Notice:
Please note that there may be changes to the content of our website.

All E & OE Accepted.

Privacy Policy

This page explains how Campsites Direct uses any information you give to us and the ways in which they protect your privacy.

Data Protection
Under the Data Protection Act Campsites Direct has a legal duty to protect any information we collect from you. Campsites Direct safeguards your data and keeps security standards to prevent any unauthorised access to it. Acting as a travel agent, Campsites Direct will pass your details onto any third party tour operator / travel company as necessary to complete your travel booking.

Information Collected
Campsites Direct collects three kinds of information from our users: general enquiry information including basic contact details; email addresses for those joining our opt-in newsletter, and basic site statistics from log files.

1. Enquiry Information
Campsites Direct collects the basic enquiry details that you provide us with (where you want to go, the date etc) and basic contact details in order to process your enquiry. The contact details provided include your name, telephone number and email address. Information is held securely and only relevant staff have access to it. Acting as a travel agent, Campsites Direct will pass your details onto any third party tour operator / travel company as necessary to complete your travel booking.

2. Email Addresses for Opt-In Newsletter
Campsites Direct collects email addresses of those users wishing to join our opt-in email Newsletter.

This information is held securely and is not given out to any third party. You may unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions on the current Newsletter.

3. Website Usage Information
Campsites Direct collects information from log files. Information contained in log files does not contain any personal information. Log files store the total number of users to a website and other general information. This information is used to allow us to make improvements to This information is held securely.

4. Mobile Numbers for Opt-In Txt Service
Campsites Direct collects mobile phone numbers of those users wishing to join our opt-in txt services. This information is held securely and is not given out to any third party. You may unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions on the current Newsletter.

5. Email Requests
You are entitled to a copy of any information we hold about you, please write to our offices to obtain this information. A small administration fee may be charged for its supply.

Changes to this Privacy Policy
If this privacy policy changes, an updated version will appear on this page. Please check this page regularly to ensure that you are aware of any changes that we might make.




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